127. Kate Campbell – “Moonpie Dreams”

Let me just clarify. The Campbell here is not Isobel (of Belle and Sebastian fame), nor Glenn (of Rhinestone Cowboy fame). Kate is a lady from the American south with a guitar, a great voice and folk-music sensibilities.

Kate Campbell Moonpie moon pie dreams album coverLike several artists to appear thus far, she was first sighted by yours truly down Port Fairy way, and my missus has been accumulating her CDs ever since (some as pressies from lovely old me).

This is the earliest of her releases in our collection, and one that had never left any impression on me at all.  Having now spent a day listening to it, I can say that I don’t care for it much at all. 

It’s all the wrong stuff about adult contemporary music.  It is decidedly middle of the road and bland.  And the songs are way too earnest, with a strong leaning towards songs about “The Lord”. Of her works it is the least folky.  There is a decided lack of acoustic instrumentation. Indeed I would put it in the Muscle Shoals country-type category.

The saving grace is Campbell’s Southern twang and the sense that she might tell a slightly ribald joke or touching story any second.  Unfortunately neither eventuate.

File under: One of those annoying, pointless, meandering dreams

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