129. Kate Campbell – “Monuments”

Kate Campbell may well have been touring this album when we saw her play live. That would certainly explain the subsequent consumerist splurge on her aural merchandise.

Kate Campbell Monuments album coverThis album is very lofty step up from her earlier efforts. She delivers quality tune after quality tune. She embraces the country sound to a larger degree, and her songwriting is top-notch.

The CD opens with Campbell’s twist on the “crossroads” parable, with her narrator seduced by a Yellow Guitar. The track features some near-perfect pedal steel to emphasis the point.

From there it’s into a pair of tunes contemplating the wonders of science. The first rather cryptically argues that despite our efforts we still can’t grow Corn in a Box. Perhaps the meaning of all this is clearer to Alabamans.

The two most memorable tracks here are the fantastic dixie-blues-infused catalogue of life in the New South, and the curious tale of owning Joe Louis’ Furniture. The later also includes one of the greatest uses of accent to achieve a rhyme that shouldn’t work on paper:

I’ve got Joe Louis’ furniture in my den
Twelve years running world heavyweight champion

Practice that until you get it to work…

File under: Statuesque


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