130. Various Artists – “Born to Run, Volume Two”

I found another “B” down in the compilations section, and thought I’d break up the Campbell Carnivale with this review.

This is the most interesting type of Uncut magazine compilations where they throw together various existing cover versions, plus organise some new interpretations of some music legends’ oeuvre. This time its the Boss under the microscope.

Born to Run 2003 Springsteen Uncut Magazine Album CoverThe choices of tracks here are appropriately “righteous” for a serious mag like Uncut. Not much off Born in the USA or his late 80s/early 90s albums. Much more off Born to Run, Nebraska etc.

The artists are similarly legitimate (and a few are regular faces from my collection). Ed Harcourt delivers a fine version of Atlantic City. Steve Earle‘s State Trooper didn’t sound out of place on his ‘Guitar Town’ and works well here. Billy Bragg‘s Mountain on the Hill is from his very awkward ‘trying to sing American’ phase and is a blight on this CD.

The most interesting tracks come from artists who take Broooce’s work someplace different. I don’t mean Jesse Malin‘s lame Elmer Fudd version of Hungry Heart, but rather Heather Nova‘s breathy I’m on Fire and The Knack‘s very 80s Don’t Look Back. Sonny BurgessTiger Rose sounds like Elvis reincarnate.

This works as a testament to Springsteen’ songwriting skills.

File under: A racey little collection


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