131. Kate Campbell – “Twang on the Wire”

So we return to Kate and her crooning. This one sees her tackling the country classics songbook.

Kate Campbell Twang on the Wire dreams album coverNow, this could have been a bit of fun. There is a lot of shade and light in the country music world. Alas, much of this album is quiet dull. It could be a long list of female, gingham clad ladies strumming and carolling here.

There is an annoying sameness to much of the content too. Certainly, the more familiar tracks, like Rose Garden, Harper Valley PTA and Funny Face tend to loiter around the memory banks a little longer, but they also grate more for not being overly distinctive or dynamic.

There are two beacons of light on the album. The first is the only Campbell-penned track – the title track homage to the writers and performers she’s covering. It is a sweet little ode.

The second is her duet with Kevin Gordon on Mississippi Woman, Louisiana Man (which is a white folk version of the Running Bear tale). Perhaps she should have covered that Johnny Preston song (like Tlot Tlot did so well).

Let’s brighten up our day with some silly animation of this “classic”:

File under: Dolly would have done this better


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