133. Kate Campbell (with Spooner Oldham) – “For the Living of These Days”

So we reach the last from the Campbell stable (unless my beloved goes and buys another from the back catalogue in the near future).

Kate Campbell For the Living of These Days Spooner Oldham album coverThis time Kate gives full credit to long-time collaborator Spooner Oldham. He has usually popped in for a track or three on most of her albums, but here he works much harder, contributing organ, piano and Wurlitzer on most of the tracks.

The organ might be a slight hint at the vibe here. No, she ain’t getting all 60s Beat. Rather Campbell is embracing her Baptist roots and singing praises to the Lord etc.

Now, I was quite accepting of such dubious lyrical content in the past, but only because it was upbeat, rapturous, gospel style.

Here it is too slow, too hymnal. It just isn’t my cup of tea, and I really struggle through an entire album of it.

Campbell does roll out the interesting rhetorical device of how would someone like Jesus be perceived by upright modern-day Christians (Would they Love Him down in Shreveport). Unfortunately, Rory McLeod does this much more effectively on his What would Jesus do number. And, of course, XTC blow them all away on Dear God.

File under: Too much God for my liking

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