134. Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine – “30 Something”

This album, along with one from fellow Brits The Wonderstuff, was the first CD I ever purchased.  I already owned scores of cassettes and LPs, but in late 1990 this was the disc that popped my digital cherry.

Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine Album cover 30 SomethingThat seems so appropriate, given how modern and cutting edge this seemed at the time.  Here were two blokes who didn’t like musos at all, rocking out over samples and being very biting social commentary and cool t-shirts.

So does it still hold up 19 (!!!) years later? Indeedily doodily. 

How can you question an album that kicks off with the crowd chanting “You Fat Bastards”? The samples and crunching guitars kick in and we’re away on a fiesta of lyrically dense (and clever) power-poppish numbers. 

The stand-outs are the singles – Shoppers Paradise, and the treatise on the brutality of army life – Bloodsport for All, as well as the the Dylan Thomasesque Prince in a Paupers Grave.

The big selling point of Carter was their energy and the sense that they loved their niche as slightly daggy but with obsessive fans, who got the puns and punkish irreverence.  Looking back the vibe is still there and it all seems worthwhile.

File under: Remembrances of being a unstoppable teen machine


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