143. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – “Let Love In”

Nick Cave aficionados will no doubt shaking their head in disgust that I have started my reviews mid-career. I own none of Cave’s earlier difficult works, despite having seen him play many of tracks of these albums (and relishing them)

Album Cover Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Let Love InUnlike his previous release, this album conjures up memories of such works, as it is much more chaotic and raucous. Cave takes on the psychotic ringmaster roll and as pounds out venom-filled lyrics over swellings waves of rhythms perfectly executed by the Seeds gang.

Tracks such as Loverman, Jangling Jack and Red Right Hand race along. The brilliance of Cave rests on his unwillingness to compromise lyrically. The imagery comes thick and fast, as does the humour. The slightly obscured “L is for… O is for…” lines on Loverman are pure brilliance.

This is a fantastically well-balanced album. For each such spine-jangler there is a slower, moody counterpart. Here Cave returns to the crooning, but with less of the showtuneyness of the last album. His Leonard Cohen-esque leanings show out on several tracks, most notably on Ain’t Gonna Rain Anymore.

I also am not sure I’ve heard an album with a better trio of opening tracks yet on my reviews.

File under: Worthy of our love

2 responses to “143. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – “Let Love In”

  1. Unrelenting Tedium

    Okay…I’m not going to nitpick here as I understand you overlooking the junkie output (though Tender Prey and Your Funeral…My Trial are worth the cover price)…but you have stepped over my favourite. He lost me after the only okay Murder Ballads and started playing piano. However between the Good Son and Let Love In came Henry’s Dream…which I love dearly. I won’t fall into the trap of saying you must hear it but if you like the one before and the one after it might be worth a listen. Definitely my fav…followed by Let Love In.

    • I was remiss in skipping Henry’s Dream. I do own a copy of the album, but only on cassette(!) A review will be forthcoming once I source a digital copy (i.e. later this week).

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