145. Cato Salsa Experience – “A Good Tip for a Good Time”

My alphabetisation skills aren’t what they once where. These Norwegian rockers should have precded Nick Cave…

There was a wave of throwback Garage rock in the early ’00s that I got slightly captured by. Thus I own albums by NZers (D4, Datsuns) and even Viking-types with lanky hair, skinny waists and loads of effect pedals.

Album Cover Cato Salsa Experience CD A Good Tip For A Good TimeThis album’s a whole lot of fun. These guys have a blast grinding out riff after riff while mashing Hammond organs and waving their hands in front of a Theremin. This is all in the vein of Aussie lads of Rocket Science or the massively underrated Make-Up.

As with all good garage rock, there ain’t much of depth going on in the lyrics arena. The joy is in the groove and the playfulness. This is music I’d happily walk up the road to see on a very regular basis.

The album opens fantastically, with two strong single-type songs (Listen to Me Daddy O and the vid-clipped tune below), but does fade away a little before they hit stride again with Deadbeat.

Oh, and in watching their clips (and looking at the album cover) I’ve realised they never had lanky hair… but rather mop tops.

File under: Mopping up the Garage very neatly

One response to “145. Cato Salsa Experience – “A Good Tip for a Good Time”

  1. Awesome

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