152. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – “Dig! Lazarus! Dig!”

Nick and his buddies were onto something when they cited the biblical comeback kid in the title of this album.

Album Cover Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Dig! Lazarus! Dig!This is the release that we’d all hoped for for a decade (in terms of quality), but it still surprises in terms of content.

Cave, and, more importantly, his talented troubadours explore a world of new sounds and styles, and most of them work a treat. 

The opening title track jumps out of fast and furious.  Cave evokes the punkier work of Lou Reed and a neo-beat poetry of The Hold Steady, yet makes it sound undoubtedly his own. 

The rockier tracks on here work most effectively, and again the piano plays a much lesser role.  All of a sudden, the prospect of a Cave & BS show conjures up an overload of sweat, bodies being thrown around, swirling lights and the like.

I personally am very keen to hear We Call Upon The Author and More News from Nowherein the live environ (bugger any hearing damage that may ensue).

Welcome back guys.  The podium is all yours.

File under: Um, biggest comeback since that guy from the bible…

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