153. Kasey Chambers – “The Captain”

Here’s another artist that I inherited from my darling wife.  If not for her insistence of playing Chambers’ albums on a regular basis, and on attending live gigs therefrom, I doubt I ever would have paid much heed to this bastion of the Aussie country music scene.

Album Cover Kasey Chambers The CaptainKasey and her musical family are now a big guilty pleasure of mine.  The concerts are some of the daggiest events I attend (outside academia and Port Fairy), catering to blue-haired grannies, fairy-dress-wearing pre-teens, bikies and the over-denimmed.  But they are nights of unbridled bluegrassy exuberance.

This debut album is a curious effort, however.  Whoever sequenced the tracklist should be bashed around with one of Chambers’ numerous trophies.

The first “side” of this album is a dull set of very similar, Oz-country-by-numbers.  This is the stuff that keeps me away from Tamworth and country-music stations.  Sure, the title track is there, but I’ve never understood the hype around it.  I’m sure it’s fuelled many a highschool English essay, but I don’t get its supposed message.

The gold is in the closing tracks.  Last Hard Bible and We’re all Going to Die Someday are glorious, rollicking tracks I play and replay.  It’ll leave you wanting more.

File under: A tasty entree

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