159. Tracy Chapman – “New Beginning”

There was a long time between drinks in my wife’s purchases of Chapman releases.

Album Cover Tracy Chapman New BeginningThis is Chapman’s fourth album and has reportedly sold upwards of 3.8m copies.

That figure alarms and astounds me.  There is nothing particularly special or distinctive about this release.  The songs meander along at the intersection between acoustic blues and folk, with little to distinguish between each.

The production is again super slick and clean, doing little to make the songs feel warm.  This is a real shame, as Chapman’s voice still has that “heart ready to break” element front and centre.

The songs here are all far to similar.  She also has a strong tendency to just go on and on and on with very repetitive choruses (e.g. the never-ending Cold Feet).  Almost all tracks here are well past the five minute mark.  Given the sparseness and monotony of much of the accompanying instrumentation that makes for a very, very dull listen.

File under: Please don’t start again

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