160. Tracy Chapman – “Telling Stories”

I seem to have excellent taste.  Not only did I marry the beautiful owner of many of the CDs I’ve reviewed in recent weeks, but I also bought her this particular Chapman release.  

Album Cover Tracy Chapman Telling StoriesIt may have been because I’d read some glowing review of the album in some credible music rag.  Alternatively (and more likely), I bought in a pang of guilt so as to distract from a much larger purchase of CDs from JB HiFi.

Irrespective, this is the pick of the Chapman catalogue thus far (yes, there is one more to go). This is her most diverse and upbeat effort, and therefore her most listenable.

I have no insights into Tracy’s personal affairs, but she just seems happier on this one.  Not annoying “lollipops and rainbows” happy, but rather she is not moping around as much telling tales of abuse and injustice.  She pens several lyrics that are sardonic and clever rather than merely plaintive and heartfelt.

Musically it’s a more upbeat and varied listen, with shifts in rhythm and wider use of instruments. 

This one’s a keeper (like the wife).  (Yes this is a test to see whether she reads my reviews all the way through:) ).

File under: A story worth hearing

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