161. Tracy Chapman – “Let it Rain”

So, we get to the fourth of Chapman’s works on the shelf. And I must say she’s won me over.

Tracy Chapman Album Cover Let It RainThis album continues the progression noted on the previous release. Catchier, wittier and more vibrant songs are delivered.

Chapman isn’t what I imagined – i.e. she aint a miserable, angry protest singer stuck in a rut of campus gigs, and Indigo Girls tours.  At least, I presume she isn’t. 

I’m not sure quite where she sits in the bigger world of singer-songwriters.  She shows her that she is versatile, and not scared of the personal.

There is a weirdly dated, yet relevant, song on here also. Hard Wired tells a somewhat fantastical tale of computers wired to brain and peoples’ lives being exposed and open for all to see.  As a veteran of the blogosphere, this intersection of Joni Mitchell-style commentary and Orwellian-futurism, just sounds ludicrous… or does it?

The point of this here blog was to force me to listen to works and artists in my collection who may have been neglected.  Tracy was one of those artists and I have gained considerable respect for her capabilities. Not sure I’d rush out and buy more but I’m happy with our stash.

File under: A welcome shower


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