162. Various Artists – “Clippings”

After a couple of weeks of delving into mainly CDs that my wife purchased, I’ve sought refuge in a compilation from nearby in the alphabet.

Clippings Album Cover Candle Records compilationThis is the second Candle Records compendium I’ve reviewed, and the first they released on CD.

It’s from the label’s early days, when the core troops didn’t extend far beyond The Simpletons, The Lucksmiths and The Mabels.

Surprisingly, the latter are the pick of this trio on this release, with several of their better songs making an appearance (Cyclone, Dream Team). The other two bands deliver pretty inconsequential tracks of close to b-side quality (other than Art of Cooking for Two). Queensland combo Weave also offer up some value.

The appeal of these Candle collections was the always the chance to check out a few up-and-comers. Here the pickings turn out to a little slim. There is one amusing ditty (Scoops) from Falcon 500 about splitting the arse of your pants at school. But most of the tracks are too insubstantial and underproduced.

One highlight is two more tracks from the criminally under-recorded side project from two of the Luckas, Bowl-a-rama, including the final tune that features Marky Monnone exploring areas of the musical scales not typically sought out.

It is great to sing along to, confident that you’re doing no worse job than him. And when you have a voice like mine, that’s important (as evidence, here’s a completely indulgent and excruciating clip of me butchering a country classic):

File under: Trim but not terrific

One response to “162. Various Artists – “Clippings”

  1. This sounds sort of cool.

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