164. The Chemical Brothers – “Exit Planet Dust”

After what seems like an eternity of rootsy albums, it is a huge relief to enter the electronic arena.

The Chemical Brothers Exit Planet Dust album coverAnd  I feel like I’ve walked into the MCG of beats-driven music. 

This debut release (under this moniker) from this UK duo is a stellar example of this genre.  This was the breakthrough album for British Bigbeat, preceding the subsequent efforts from Fatboy Slim, Prodigy and others. 

As you’ve probably picked up on, I don’t spend too much time with doofy stuff.  But, donning the catchcry of all Philistines, I know what I like. 

Perhaps as a nod to the acoustic leanings acknowledged above, I do like a rhythm that could have been generated by a human whacking something.  And much of the time the CBs chose such pounding, built around sampled snares and rimrolls. 

Sure, there’s loads of beeps and squelchs, but the organic/inorganic ratio is bigger on the left hand side.  Likewise, there is a recognition that riffs of some description matter.

The result here is a seamlessly constructed set of pieces that retain their hypnotic element.  The vocals are sparse but effective, especially Beth Orton’s. 

This is fine feat in musicianship and inventiveness. And a welcome relief.

File under: Hello Planet Must


One response to “164. The Chemical Brothers – “Exit Planet Dust”

  1. This album should be presented to every student on their first day of high school. It nursed me through a dark period in life and continues to inspire to this day, essential listening for all mankind.
    PS. kudos to you for undertaking such a huge task and providing such entertaining reading for a kindred spirit, I cant wait for your Tom Waits reviews!

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