Daily Archives: August 27, 2009

168. Neneh Cherry – “Homebrew”

I am partial to mixing together malt, yeast, hops and water in a plastic tub in the vain hope that via some magic of alchemy I will conjure some delectable nectar able to quench my thirst and tickle my taste-buds.

Neneh Cherry Homebrew Album coverNeneh Cherry name-checks said process in the title of this her second album. I’m not quite sure why, as there is nothing amateurish or low-fi to be heard on the disk in question.

Perhaps she’s alluding to a slightly domestic focus in terms of subject matter, or perhaps to the long gestation period of the album (3 years plus).

Irrespective, this is another highly competent effort. She still spits out rhymes and delivers soulful crooning. She also hooks up with some buddies (a rapper who it turns out is from Gang Starr and one M. Stipe from REM) who add some much needed diversity to the mix.

The sounds here aren’t always my cup of tea. While it less dated in it instrumentation relative to her debut, it’s all a bit too slick and Massive Attack-like for my liking. But when she gets it right (e.g. Money Love) I enjoy the flavours and slight buzz.

File under: Well-bodied ale, with pleasant aftertaste