170. Alex Chilton – “A Man Called Destruction”

It is rather curious that in searching for an image of this album’s cover on-line that all the options showed Mr.Chilton photographed in colour.  The Australian version is a black and white pic… and that seems so much more appropriate given the highly retro content therein.

Album Cover Alex Chilton  A Man Called DestructionYou may recall my earlier reviews of one of Chilton’s bands – Big Star.  He is an icon (for some) of the power pop world, and had a young start as a white R&B star. 

He has written some classic tunes over his career.  Which makes this album even more bizarre.  Much of it sees him covering reasonably obscure old-school R&B tracks, and all in the incarnation of very standard bar band.

It seems below Chilton to be mucking around like this.  More importantly, it just isn’t that interesting a listen.  The tunes are very, very standard fare.  He clearly had a bit of fun playing with the cheesy What’s your Sign? but that ain’t enough.

The album is also poorly balanced, with three concluding Chilton-penned tunes that simply don’t gel with rest of the material. They are much closer to the Big Star sound… and better for it.

File under: Insufficiently distracting

One response to “170. Alex Chilton – “A Man Called Destruction”

  1. Well, this is an average album when compared with Big Star. I agree with the ‘C’ rating. I was surprised to see this on your list, it is not a common album!

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