Daily Archives: September 2, 2009

171. Eric Clapton- “Time Pieces The Best Of Eric Clapton”

Call the Hague. I have to report some crimes against humanity. The culprit: one E.Clapton.

Album Cover Time Pieces The Best Of Eric ClaptonOf course, Clapton is a god to some. And his work with Cream may well justify such idolatry, but his solo work doesn’t. Instead it is dull, painful and downright offensive material.

I cannot hide my anger and disappointment at this album. I was surprised to find it on the shelf. I assume it snuck in under the cover of darkness along with my missus… and if she ever plays it is when I am asleep or absent.

The set-list comprises Clapton’s big hits from the early 70s… and what a sad indictment they are on that period . The tracks vary from laid-back boogie blues (Lay Down Sally), to overwrought, pompous odes to cuckoldry (Layla), cringeworthy Chris De Burgh-esque ballads (Wonderful Tonight) and vaudevillian white-boy covers of negro spirituals (Swing Low, Sweet Chariot).

The latter tune, along with Clapton’s faux reggae efforts (especially that Sheriff song) are the songs that really tip me over the edge. This cultural appropriation is border line parody and makes me feel dirty a-la black-and-white minstrels.

While Cocaine is indeed a quality cover, it doesn’t make up for Clapton’s other crimes. This album is the first up against the wall when I start my purge.

File under: Beware of worshipping false idols