172. Rob Clarkson – “Off Your Faith”

Finally my attentions return to a CD that I’ve heard a lot of. Indeed it is has been a much-played member of my collection since it’s release in 1993.

Album Cover Clarkson Rob Off Your FaithBack then Clarkson was an angel-faced, girlie-voiced, singer-songwriter who belted out typically sarcastic, caustic and funny pop gems on his acoustic guitar on stages up and down Brunswick St.

These days, he is still most of things, but resides up Sydney way (last I heard) and doesn’t gig anywhere near as much. Which is a shame, as he is a rare talent.

This debut long-player is laden with pun-heavy, memorable tunes, many of which have been stuck in my head for the past decade and a half. Some have lost currency. Not many folks would now get the John Hewson sniping. And the passing of Freddie Mercury and Carry On star Kenneth Williams are pretty old news.

Most tracks still sound fresh and relevant however. There’s always a place for slacker procrastination (When I’m 29), bitching about exes (Human Equivalent of Penicillin), bragging about affairs (Subtly Blatant) and for mocking aspiring actors (Didn’t I See You In?).

This is a classic in my world and will continue to get heavy airplay.

File under: Worth believing in…

One response to “172. Rob Clarkson – “Off Your Faith”

  1. I bought many a fine sausage in bread from this bloke down at that bar next to the Yarra. He knows how to lay the onions on thick.

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