174. Rob Clarkson – “Zone One”

In the wake of the retrospective “Shirts & Skins” release, Rob Clarkson reunited with himself and hit the stage and studio as a single singer-songwriter again.

Album Cover Rob Clarkson Zone OneThe single bit is not just a description of his stage set-up but also his social status (it would seem).  So much of this album is a lament to the life the regularly dumped.

Indeed, if this album is autobiographical, it would seem the intervening decade had not been particularly kind to Rob.  He’s now hanging at bars constructing witticisms and witty japes (Thought Bubble) and avoiding mementos of lost relationships (Photo and Audio). He’s still trapped in share houses with the associated risks (The Housemate who Brought a Moaner Home).

Life has gone on for his friends, now entrenched in baby-making (the eerily accurate What did we talk about (before you had your babies)?).  I’m reluctant to quote lyrics, but this one’s a ripper:

“You perpetuate the species
But do you have to mention faeces?”

I’m a little torn on whether I should feel guilt in Clarkson’s melancholy and wallowing. But, in the end, he’s is still a fantastic songsmith, constructing even trickier lyrical twists than in his younger days. It is a shame he won’t ever be a fucking rockstar (that’s another quote).

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2 responses to “174. Rob Clarkson – “Zone One”

  1. Darren Goossens

    I like this blog, which is not a common thing for me to say. I know this is gunna sound like an advert, but that’s only because it is. I feel I gotta point this out: Plastic Viking Helmet records have got Zone 1 for $5 for download. Also got Shirts and Skins and the two Small Knives albums and a bunch of Candle stock. I’m not affiliated, I’m just a fan.


  2. A fine follow up to Shirts and Skins’Agree with the review. As Molly used to say “Do Yourself a Favour” Buy it

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