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175. Johnny Clegg and Savuka – “In My African Dream – Best Of”

So here’s another album from my wife’s past, reflective of her youth spent in South Africa. 

Album Cover Johnny Clegg Jonny Savuka Best of In My African DreamClegg was apparently the coolest, most righteous dude in apartheid RSA and my lovely saw him at the local arts festival somewhat regularly.

Meanwhile, over here in Australia, I recall seeing videos of said frenetic pale bloke with a Seinfeld mullet on one of the more adventurous music video shows (was it The Noise? Or perhaps Rock Arena?) . 

Clegg left his impression on me, as he sang in Zulu and English and was fronting a mixed race band. 

This here album is an action-packed collection of his big hits.  While we remain pretty unaware of his efforts down here, a bit of Wiki-ing reveals that he was a huge star in France and other parts of Europe, and that the most poppy of his tracks (Scatterlings of Africa) appeared in Rainman.

This is an upbeat, enjoyable listen.  The songs have catchy rhythms and the lyrics I can understand are stridently political and brave in the context of an increasingly edgy police state.

It doesn’t quite have the power of his countryman like Vusi Mahlasela, but it’ll keep getting played in our place.

File under:  On our dream team