176. Ben Folds Five – “Ben Folds Five”

I’m popping back in the collection here to a recently acquired “B”.

Album Cover Ben Folds Five selftitled debutThis time last week I was watching Mr.Folds sans buddies bashing out hits on his grand piano. It reminded me that I hadn’t yet reviewed this album, which I picked up on sale.

This CD was my first brush with Ben back in 1995 when my housemate had a copy, and I could have sworn we listened to it many, many times.

Having spun this disk several times over the past month, and tonight, I guess we were a bit more selective than I recall. There are only three or four tracks that had left any listening impression.

The impression was a big one though. Jackson Cannery, Underground and most of all Julianne are still rocking numbers, with Ben bashing the left end of his keyboard with abandon. They are sufficient justification for owning this album. How could you not love the youthful bluster of this?

The remainder of the album is still yet to break through for me. It is a surprisingly low key effort outside of the aforementioned trio of tunes. What strikes me more than ever is the strong parallel between these early Folds efforts and Joe Jackson’s Real Men era output. Maybe I should pick up some of his works too.

File under: Fine Folds

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