178. The Coctails – “Peel”

This 1994 release from Chicago ensemble The Coctails snuck into my collection a few years back, presumably picked up cheap at some sale, and I can’t remember ever giving it much of a listen.

Album Cover Cocktails Coctails Peel The I have a feeling I bought it on the recommendation of a buddy now residing in Brisbane town.

Well, now I’ve heard it, and I like. This stands as another example of right sound, wrong place. These guys deliver the sort of material that made Pavement indie stars – quirky vocal stylings but with very sound pop basis and with jangly, angular guitars and keys. Take their tune Postcard and tell me that this couldn’t have been a single off Slanted and Enchanted. Fans of The Shins or Modest Mouse wouldn’t be disappointed with at least half the tunes here.

The album is more than an homage to Malkmus and co however. The band has a trio of songwriters and an adventurous bent, so we wander in and out of genres with abandon. There are shoegazey Gersey-like moments (on Peel), and rockier efforts (Wicked Way).

Purportedly these guys started out as a “lounge-core” act. I must find out what that means, because they get this later stuff very right.

File under: A-peel-ing (I couldn’t resist)


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