179. Consolidated – “The Myth of Rock”

I was once a long-haired, left-leaning, Greenpeace volunteering uni student. I mainly expressed my anger at the Man by purchasing CDs reinforcing such views.

Album Cover myth of rock consolidatedAlong with  socialist songsmith Billy Bragg and San Fran’s Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, I also explored the work of another Bayside collective – some white boys called Consolidated.

The music here is hard-edged, industrial dance (think Nitzer Ebb), but overlaid with very overt political raps/rants about the failings of capitalism, white males, the music industry, US democracy, meat-eating and anything else you might enjoy.

The tracks are sample heavy, especially with soundbites from both liked-minded souls and the nasty CEOs, business commentators destroying our world.

This could all be a recipe for disaster, but underlying it is some sensibility about what makes folks jump around.  You could probably ignore what they espouse if you felt like it (although less so on CD than in a club).

I must say much of their critiques still remain relevant, but probably more to idealistic, skinny young ‘uns out to remain righteous, and much less to to a sell-out like me. I’ll see if their other three albums reignite any palace-storming urges over the coming week. Here’s some footage to get you agitated and informed:

File under: More like a political party than a… party…

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