180. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – “Tender Prey”

After my fortnight of Cave listening a month or two back, I promised to pick up a couple of the albums I was missing from his back catalogue.

Album Cover Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Tender PreyI didn’t exactly stretch myself, stepping back one spot to acquire this the fifth album in the Bad Seeds catalogue.

This was very much the breakout release for the band, opening with the quintessential Cave composition (and performance) the astoundingly good Mercy Seat. The song is so good that my version of the CD has two versions of it!

The album doesn’t rest on those laurels, but rather follows up with the rousing Deanna and a few other tunes I’d been unfamiliar with until, most notably Up Jumped the Devil.  This rollicking number is like some bastard lovechild of The Pogues and Tom Waits, and is Cave and buddies at their fun-loving best.

The album stays consistent throughout.  Nick is in his typically verbose and literary mood, with the band exploring their more raucous and dangerous side.

As such, this is a wonderful addition to my rather shelf-greedy Cave collection. Perhaps I might even delve even further in to his past.

File under: Love me tender

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