185. Consolidated – “Business of Punishment”

Listening through the quartet of Consolidated CDs in my collection over the past week or so has been a fascinating journey.

Album Cover Consolidated Business of PunishmentI have swung back and forth between frustration with the disrupted flow of each release and surprise at the quality of some tracks. The pontificating is a drag, but the development of diversity in sound is to be applauded. 

This album is the strongest of the four, with much more creativity and less bombastic politicking. There are numerous tracks on here that I recalled but couldn’t have placed in the Consolidated catalogue.

Born of a Woman is a relatively subtle old school rap effort. No Answer for a Dancer lays down a Public Enemy-style backing track, and the ‘blackest’ MCing the band ever produced.  Furthermore, said tune offers a well-measured discussion of the merits of pole-dancing.

Dog and Pony Show is a great Cypress Hill impression, while Butyric Acid is from way out in left field with a sensational hardcore metal chorus promoting free choice. The band then transforms into Marvin Gaye for Woman Shoots John

As you may have picked up, this is clearly the collective’s finest hour, and probably their only release I’d actually recommend.

File under: Be a sucker for this punishment


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