186. Cornershop – “Woman’s Gotta Have It”

Like most folk, I first heard Cornershop via their Brimful of Asha smash hit. That track isn’t on here. This was their second album, and predated their Fatboy Slim-assisted breakthrough.

Album Cover Cornershop Woman's gotta have itThe Cornershop schtick is a cool one, melding Hindi instrumentation with British indie-pop sensibilities. Tjinder Singh is a talented songsmith and also possesses a sufficiently distinctive and smooth voice to grab attention.

I don’t wanna give the impression this album might be gimmicky in any way. Far from it, this is a coherent, contemporary and super catchy release.

This guys have a strong grasp of the need for a strong beat, and do a great job of layering instrumentation and choruses without sounding like they are just noodling about and without going overboard. The band is quick to shift from one sound to another across tracks, and from English to Punjabi.

It seems a little incongruous, but the stand out track on here sounds like it could have been produced up the road. Hong Kong Book of Kung Fu has the same power-pop push of Melbourne outfit Snout’s Cromagnon Man. Other tracks, such as Roof Rack have Singh sounding like he’s fronting the Underground Lovers.

Small world isn’t it?

File under: Worth having

One response to “186. Cornershop – “Woman’s Gotta Have It”

  1. One of the greatest rock albums ever, a hidden gem.

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