187. Cornershop – “When I was Born for the Seventh Time”

Some bands can be overburdened by the brilliance of a single song in their catalogue. This can be particularly debilitating if the tune doesn’t accurately reflect their broader sound.

Album Cover Cornershop When I was Born for the Seventh TimeSuch a scenario possibly faced Cornershop with respect to Brimful of Asha,  the insanely catchy hit single from their third album.

Said track thrust into the spotlight, and no doubt many unsuspecting punters purchased this album expecting similarly lightweight, poppy material.

I hope they weren’t particularly disappointed.  This album doesn’t really contain another dancefloor certainty, but it is a very satisfying experience. It is one of the braver, more eclectic hit records of the 1990s. 

As on their previous release, the band confidently be-strides multiple sub-genres,  from pretty conventional Brit-pop (Funky Days are Back Again) to hybrid Hindi-Pop (Keep it on the Left Side),  and even country-rock (Good to be on the Road Back Home). 

That country track is a highly competent duet with a singer, Paula Frazer, who I unfortunately haven’t encountered elsewhere. I must seek her out.

The apparent ease with which these guys can entertain and explore is be highly admired.  Seek this album out.  It’ll keep you enthralled.

File under: Praise worthy


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