193. Davell Crawford – “The Piano in the Vaults, Vol. 1”

I can find no evidence of this CD actually existing beyond our personal collection.  The world-wide-interweb contains no reference to it or its contents, and the website of the purported author doesn’t deem it worthy of a plug.

Album Cover Davell Crawford Piano in the Valuts Vol 1If we hadn’t actually purchased it from Crawford himself at a festival I would be more dubious.  But we did, so I’ll just assume he’s pursuing some underground guerilla commerce (not unlike 50 Cent back in the day).

The album itself is highly representative of what we saw on stage back in Byron Bay four years or so ago: rollicking, heavy-handed blues piano action accompanied by luscious, gospel-styled vocals. 

This is the sort of material you’d expect to hear late one Saturday night in an authentic New Orleans gin joint, or perhaps the next morning in a revivalist church session. 

Crawford blast through a series of standards (Strange Fruit, Hold to God’s Unchanging Hand, If I Had Hammer) accompanied by some talented (yet anonymous) singers. He also finishes off with what I assume is some sort of licensing obligation for any artist claiming New Orleans affiliation – a burst from Iko Iko.

Might I suggest you accompany with some gospel sisters action?

File under: Give him the keys to the city (of New Orleans)


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