197. The Cure – “Greatest Hits”

The Cure occupy a curious spot in pop music history. They somehow retain pseudo-alternative credibility, while pumping out what is pretty mainstream New Romantic material.

Album Cover Cure The Greatest HitsPerhaps we were all distracted by the dishevelled persona of Robert Smith with his quirky mix of edginess and vulnerability.

Irrespective, this collection showcases their capacity to deliver hit after hit. The band did progress over their career, moving from a more synth-heavy approach (think Duran Duran or Japan) to more jangly, layered guitars (James or Wonderstuff).

At their best the band is hard to fault. Gems like Let’s Go To Bed, The Lovecats, Why Can’t I Be You and Close to Me are catchy as all hell, built around Smith’s hiccupy vocals, basslines worth wiggling to, and horn blasts screamed out for mouth-trumpet-alongs.

The standout track is the justifiably lauded Just Like Heaven. Of course, the Dinosaur Jr version topped the original, but you can see why J Mascis was inspired.

Speaking of inspiration, there is a certain music-geek-delight in discovering that the band’s Friday I’m in Love has become a big enough cultural icon to inspire its very own t-shirt. The song deserves it and your record collection deserves this this album.

File under: Good for what ails ya


One response to “197. The Cure – “Greatest Hits”

  1. Not sure about their Greatest Hits compilations as I always find they had a strange mix of their back catalogue and The Cure seem to have brought out a few over the years. Looking at the track listing it is a bit hideous with a couple of exceptions. Their early work was superb but unfortunately isn’t well represented on this album at all.

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