201. Custard – “Loverama”

I had reasonably low expectations when re-listening to this effort.  I’d presumed Custard had left the bestest days behind them (back around debut album time).

Album Cover Custard LoveramaAs such, it was the pleasantest of surprises to find the numerous pop gems spinning around within this disc.

The secret seems to have been a reversion to the sound and feel of the debut;  more country-ish guitar work, and less synth (and occasional cowbell).

The first five (!) tracks are out and out winners.  The brilliant Girls Like That (Don’t Go For Guys Like Us) kicks off proceedings and sets the tone for party pop. Hit Song is great fun too… and the pace keeps up right through to Ringo (I Feel Like):

The band has hit its stride now, and deliver still more gold in the back half. Pluto (Parts 1 & 2) and Funny are delights and direct contrasts (as one lays down a power riff, the other a synth melody). 

I’m so happy to have reembraced this CD and the world of McCormack and co.  They are a much missed bright spot on the Aussie music scene.

File under: Modern Lovers meets Bananarama?

One response to “201. Custard – “Loverama”

  1. I’m converting my CD collection to computer at the moment, and I found this blog when looking for a CD cover photo for Custard’s Loverama.

    I bought this CD about ten years ago, on the strength of Ringo and Girls Like That. I thought it had some really good songs (the aforementioned and Hit Song), but sketchy otherwise. I haven’t listened to this CD for years, but I’m pleasantly surprised by it; quirky, arch, great hooks.

    Anyway, good luck with the CDs. Good blog.

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