202. D4 – “6Twenty”

We dive into the world of D in the rocking-est fashion, throwing some NZ garage rock into the CD player.

Album cover d4 6twentyThe black-clad, skinny-hipped, tight-jeaned quartet were another in my early ’00s lo-fi-ish retro rock infatuation. I’m sure I saw them throwing themselves around a stage down Meredith way, but that could have been their compatriots The Datsuns.

This confusion is a little bit of the band’s downside. They’re doing what a whole lot of bands have done, but with limited points of difference. Nevertheless, when they get it right it IS waggle (and maybe even bang)-your-head, slap-the-steering wheel, chant-along rock in its purest and most inexplicable  form.

Tracks such as Get Loose, Party, and Rocknroll Motherfucker are all worth hearing again and again (and you’ll be singing along by the second time the chorus comes around).

Fascinatingly, the best track on the album is a cover of a track (Mysterex) from one of NZ’s first punk bands, The Scavengers. I just found a video of the original (and investigated who these guys were), and given D4 pretty much produce a note-for-note copy, you might as well check out the original (from 1978):

Now, that’s the ingenuity D4 lack.

File under: Tight jeans don’t make you a Ramone



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