204. The Datsuns -“The Datsuns”

Calling all mathematicians. What are the odds of amongst 1300+ album reviews that two different bands from the tiny nation of NZ would appear within three reviews? Seems as unlikely as being sick on a Saturday.

Album Cover Datsuns self-titledI have struggled in the past to distinguish the Datsuns from D4. I had bundled them both them into the garage rock pigeonhole. A few listens of this eponymous effort makes the distinction clearer.

While D4 mined a DIY punk vein, the Datsuns relish a bigger, better equipped multi-car garage with room for a smoke machine, a large Zeppelin drumkit, and perhaps a some fireworks. This is much closer to stadium rock… but a stadium with bikies and stoners.

This is throwback metal of the ilk that The Makeup and The White Stripes occasionally deliver, and which AC/DC delivered when they had a decent vocalist (i.e.Scott, B.). It is burdened with a certain pomposity, but also a warranted confidence. The falsetto of lead singer Dolf (now that’s a good rock moniker) soars alongside some great riffs.

I enjoy the energy and persistence of this album. Play it very, very load and scare someone’s parents.

File under: Another reason for Nissan to regret giving up a great marque


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