205. Guy Davis – “Give in Kind”

Traditional blues albums have not been particularly well-received on this blog such far.  As I’ve stated several times, I have a strong preference for blues of the dirty (more in sound, but sometimes also in terms of lyrical content) and electric variety.  The more folky and respectful CDs tend to irritate me.

Album Cover guy Davis give in kindThis effort falls into the adult-oriented (rather than adult-warning) category. Nevertheless, I have a soft spot for it and play the CD quite regularly.

There may be an element of fond memories here (I’ve seen Davis a couple of times at festivals), but I think its more than that.

Guy mixes up the tempo and content sufficiently to keep my attention.  He manages to deliver paeans to his grandma without seeming overly mushy. He does that “my girl done me wrong” thing with sufficient humour and limited cliché. He fingerpicks adeptly.  He incorporates didgeridoo without it sounding like a gimmick.

Indeed, the didge track (Layla, Layla) is a ripper and certainly more the double the quality of its Clapton namesake.

This album does not always thrill me.  I’m more likely to chuck it on on a chilled out Sunday morning than a (less and less common) wild Saturday night.

File under: Warming blues


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