211. The Dead Weather – “Horehound”

Wow, a CD released not only this decade, but this year!!  Lucky my missus stills buys CDs occasionally.

This is one of them supergroup efforts, bringing together the ubiquitous Jack White, the frontwoman from The Kills, a Queen of the Stone Age and some other bloke.

It aint the same as The White Stripes, if nothing else because of the predominance of female vocals, but also for the full band lineup, and White’s shift off strings to the drum stool.

Despite all that, it sounds pretty familiar.  If you’ve heard White’s James Bond theme, you’ve got a pretty good feel for this.  It’s all very soaring and melodramatic. 

Alison Mosshart has a very strong, full voice and does a decent Polly Harvey impression.  The riffing and basslines are strong.  This doesn’t sound like a little jam session between some friends.  The production levels are right up there. In fact, they might be almost too good, leaving it all little too slick.

There ain’t any true standout singles on here, but So Far from Your Weapon and Rocking Horse stick better than most.

I’m not saying these guys are better than the sum of their parts.  But they don’t embarrass themselves either.

File under: Not quite Best of Breed

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