212. Deadstring Brothers – “São Paulo”

This album (on vinyl no less) has been in my possession even less time than the Dead Weather effort.  I picked it up online (from the mighty Bloodshot Records) along with Justin Townes Earle’s latest release.

These guys share a lot more in common with Justin’s pa Steve’s rockier work than with that of his progeny. 

Their sound’s well and truly in the country-rock domain.  This sounds like the album The Rolling Stones should have been making for the past 25 years or so.

It isn’t quite the southern-rock of The Black Crowes, as it has slightly less swagger (but only slightly).  If anything, it’s probably most like the Drive-By Truckers when they turn on the mellow.

Lest this whole review be solely name dropping, I can tell you that there is a lot of slowhand guitar, plaintive vocals, and some decent slide and pedal. 

If you wandered past a pub on a Thursday evening, or a Sunday afternoon and these guys were playing, pulling up a stool and a beer would be irresistable. They also go very well with muffin-baking and the first beer of one’s birthday (for that’s what I’ve been doing).

File under: A Brazilian that doesn’t hurt on bit


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