213. The Dearhunters – “Red Wine and Blue”

Ah, we’re back to the comfort of Candle Records output. This time we’re listening to the one album from the very appealing combo of Jodi Phillis (ex-Clouds) and hubbie Tim Oxley.

It’s raining today in Melbourne town (well, on and off). This album is perfect for such inclemency.

Both Phillis and Oxley are blessed with sweet voices, and this CD is jampacked with harmonising on tender, slow and emotive tracks. There is a mix of acoustic and electric, whistling, strings and gentle percussion.

This album has a small feel.  By that I mean that it is intimate and slight.  It is also warm and inviting. This is the sound Will Oldham often toys with before getting all cantankerous and experimental.

Everything about this album is well-measured and subtle.  It is certainly well-titled, as curling up with a big glass of red on a chilly night would probably be its ideal context.  Thankfully it isn’t as morose as the ‘blue’ implies.

File under: A nice drop worth cellaring


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