215. Death Cab for Cutie – “Photo Album”

I’m really enjoying my DeathCabFest.

This underlistened-to album in my collection (perhaps I have some subconscious aversion to the ugly cover and lame title) has been washing over me for a few hours now, and I am discovering more and more that I like about it.

I made the comparison to Aussie outfit Gersey yesterday.  Now I realise that may be meaningless to many of you, but it’s exactly what I’m hearing. Delicate but dominant guitar lines with rousing rhythms permeate much of this work.  Indeed Ben Gibbard’s vocals are within a ballpark of Craig Jackson’s.

There is a little more poppiness here though, and the song writing is more distinct and engaging.

A couple of tracks on here keep grabbing my attention.  The critique of Los Angeles (Why You’d Want To Live Here) captures much of my thoughts on said burgh when visiting earlier this year.

Styrofoam Plates tells the tale of an awkward and affecting funeral in a manner (and at a pace) that belies the melancholy sentiment (but which does capture the anger).

These guys are very consistent and engaging.  More please…

File under: Snaps worth some claps

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