Daily Archives: December 3, 2009

217. John Denver – “An Evening with John Denver”

I have had many a curious look from folks walking past my office today. This CD (another from my wife’s generous dowry) is not what people expect to hear (wait til they hear tomorrow’s!).

My wife Catherine tells me she spent many childhood afternoons sitting cross-legged scrutinising the gatefold sleeve of the LP version of this album and listening to Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr. (for that is Denver’s birthname) strumming and crooning to a swooning crowd. She still sneaks it on the stereo when I’m not looking.

Personally I recall Denver’s work as the domain of various primary school teachers who forced us all to pine for life in rural Colorado and journeys along Country Roads. I also remember him as a regular guest on the Muppet Show.

This CD includes 21 classics from this most saccharine and earnest of songwriters. I’m sure some folk see him as capturing the essence of their existence and the dilemmas and feelings they have no better means to express. I find much fo the material far too straightforward and dull.

But, when he fires up or goes for quirky it works OK. Thank God I’m a Country Boy tickles my fancy (perhaps because of the Pauly Shore/Son in Law link), while this gem (here performed with said Muppets) justifies owning this CD:

File under: I’ve had worse evenings