Daily Archives: December 4, 2009

218. Descendents – “Somery”

I’m not sure I could be further away from John Denver than today’s album, a greatest hits effort from California hardcore pop punks The Descendents.

I’m pretty sure Denver didn’t pen any tunes about flatulence, coprophagia or whale-sperm on hamburgers, nor did he drop the c-bomb or issue a manifesto stating “thou shalt not commit laundry”.

And it’s his loss.

These guys deliver rapidfire tracks high on angst but with tongues firmly planted in cheeks.

I first became aware of these guys through the embarrassingly influential Pump the Volume flick – this scene in particular:

That tune is one of six on this album that come in at under 45 seconds in length. I like food is similarly catchy, and they manage to pack 19 lines of lyrics into the 43 second I wanna be a bear. The album isn’t all so expeditious. As a compilation, it also captures their adventures into poppier territory, including tracks like Coolidge which are better than much of Green Day‘s output:

I wouldn’t listen to this most days of my life, but if I wanna pogo around the house (or impersonate a young Christian Slater), it’s near the top of my list.

File under: Some tasty flummery