222. Depeche Mode – “Violator”

This is the third and most recent record I own from the Depeche boys.

Certainly, compared to the other non-compilation in my collection, this is the winner. It is a considerably warmer album and the sound is considerably more contemporary.

Now, I must qualify the weather report there. I should really say it is less cold. There is a still the distancing electronic approach and Gahan’s vocal style is still a little too affected for my liking.

Nevertheless, the band is more direct and emotive in their songwriting, and less prone to the vaguely Austrian lock-your-daughter-in-the-cellar imagery.

There are some standout tracks on here. Enjoy the Silence was a well-chosen single, and a track that would have fitted very well into the repertoire of New Order in their later years (that’s a compliment). DM do lose a little credit for that last gasp repeat of the chorus and the tinkle right at the end (I’m being fussy today).

Sweetest Perfection gets the balance right between overwrought and engaging. And Personal Jesus was good enough for Johnny Cash… and bares up well in the compare and contrast stakes (I’m ignoring M.Manson’s version, as I have much of his career):


File under: Don’t be a vile hater

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