223. The Detroit Cobras – “Mink Rat Or Rabbit”

For those unfamiliar with the Detroit Cobras schtick, they’re a cover band (ouch) with a repertoire of old rock and R&B tracks.

Before you run screaming from your computer with images of Human Nature, Bublé and Rod Stewart turning your stomach, fear not. These gals and guys do not transform the classics into musical zombies set to suck the brains from listeners come Mothers Day.

Instead they run a veritable reincarnation business, taking forgotten gems to a higher plane of existence. The tracks are wheeled into the garage where I presume this band lives and practices (only by night), and come out the other side smeared in grease and sweat, but sounding fantastic.

I‘ve heard very few of the tunes in their original form, which is a clever strategy in by the band terms of no point of reference. Irrespective, the album is seamless (other than having to be flipped over halfway). The tracks sound like the belong together… and to this band. The vocals (and backing) are sexy, soulful and tight without sounding slick.

Hittin’ on Nothing is the track Sharon Jones should cover now. Putty (in Your Hands) has irresistable rhythms, and the opening track is just damn fun. Check out the vid (the only one they’ve ever done):

(Did you spot the White Stripe? Hint: she’s in a red hood)

File under: Guaranteed to get you hopping

One response to “223. The Detroit Cobras – “Mink Rat Or Rabbit”

  1. I love this record- they are a killer band to catch live too. Rachel Nagy has one of the best voices in rock and roll.

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