224. The Detroit Cobras – “Life, Love And Leaving”

When you’re onto a good thing, why wouldn’t you stick with it?

The Detroit Cobras nailed a brilliant idea on their debut, and they repeat their effort here.

Again, the tracks are reasonably obscure ones from the early days of rock-n-roll.  The covers are executed adeptly and the result is a very coherent and engaging listen.

The final track on this album, Otis Redding’s Shout Bama Lama, is a ripper.  The vocals are irresistable and the tune just makes me want to time travel back to some dingey backroad shack in the early 60s and see these guys in that context.

I am very disappointed that I have yet to see these guys in the flesh.  They played the perfect venue – The Tote – a couple of years ago.  The gals in this outfit are just like the sort of intimidating women who have frequented both sides of the bar there for years.

Anyway, back to the album in question. It doesn’t quite reach the heights of the debut  and is a little too produced.  But you should still own it…

File under: Life is good

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