Daily Archives: December 14, 2009

225. The Commitments – “The Commitments”

Reviewing the Detroit Cobras reminded me I had missed a CD down in the soundtrack section which was also all about covering old classics.

Back in my early undergraduate days I managed to see this film three times at the cinema.  This perhaps reflected some ill-fated dating and lack of imagination, but mainly it was driven by my enjoyment of the flick.  It may well rank up there with various Star Wars editions and Can’t Buy Me Love as the film I have seen most often on the big screen.

Despite this, I never purchased said soundtrack (my missus did).

There is a substantial contrast between this release and the works thus far reviewed from the Cobras.

Music of the soul/R&B description (indeed, almost all popular music) must have some sexual aspect to it.  For a hetero male listener, the women must sound alluring and raunchy, and the males should seem threatening or jealousy-inducing.

That dynamic is very much at play with the Cobras.  Here it is a little lacking.  These pasty-faced Celts are too clean and tidy and, well, white.

Andrew Strong does a better job of pushing into the soul domain with a belting voice that could well be that of a bourbon-drinking Lothario (rather than a 16-year-old Dubliner).

The Commitment-ettes are the weak spot here.  They deliver very saccharine, colourless versions of tracks, that lean towards showtune versions of ’60s Supremes pop.

It just doesn’t turn me on.

File under: Diet-Soul