226. The Detroit Cobras – “Baby”

Back I return to the big party that is the Detroit Cobras recorded output.

This CD offers even more bang for your hard-earned, as it contains a full album, plus an earlier 7 track EP (hence two album covers).

The party here is a little more sedate and chilled than the earlier soirees. There are more slower, soul tracks and a little less rock-n-roll.

That is a shame, as the garage efforts have been (and are) typically the more vital and engaging tracks on their albums.

Actually, most of the feistier tunes are on the EP section of the CD, so if you buy the UK version of Baby you may be getting a CD much closer to a Bettye LaVette release than the usual Southern Culture on the Skids-ish fiesta.

Of course, both of this comparisons are compliments.

A favourite car game of my missus and I is to build fantasy music festivals and great gig lineups. My one for today is these Cobras, and the aforementioned SCOTS, with perhaps the Black Diamond Heavies as the bridging sound… that’d work a treat.

File under: Partisome progreny

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