227. The Detroit Cobras – “Tied and True”

As Christmas comes hurtling towards us, and our thoughts turn to the challenge of finding acceptable presents for all and sundry.

Might I recommend this album from one of Detroit’s finest as a highly suitable and life-changing gift for a young-un in your world?

By a youngster, I mean a boy (or preferably a girl) in the mid-to-late single figures.  Instead of polluting their mind and stunting their emotional growth with a Cyrus disk, offer them this gem.

The album includes the usual mix of bluesy garage soul and rock.  It’s nice and clean sounding, but with enough oomph to get the child gyrating like that girl from Little Miss Sunshine.

There isn’t any swearing (that I picked up), and there are tunes about kittens (Leave My Kitten Alone), puppets (…On a String) and road safety (Green Light).

Of course, down the track said munchkin will discover the concept of double entendre.  I’m not sure if that’ll happen before or after they ask why the lady of the front cover has her legs tied together.  Irrespective, such revelations are an important rite of passage which you should be proud to have prompted.

A particularly inquisitive child might then chase up the originals, such as this gem from Bettye LaVette:

File under: They want it so you should put a a bow on it

One response to “227. The Detroit Cobras – “Tied and True”

  1. I love me some Detroit Cobras… I’ll definitely check this one out!

    Might I also recommend pretty much EVERYTHING by The Kills?

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