228. Dido – “No Angel”

Curiously when I first hooked up with my eventually-to-be wife, I could have swore her CD collection, while not inconsequential, wasn’t huge either.

Yet here I am reviewing another of her purchases. Now, going on its release date, she probably purchased after we commenced cohabitating. Nevertheless, I have only a vague recollection of ever hearing it before. Either I’m a tyrant stereo-Nazi (possible) or Catherine spins this in my absence.

Which is a bit of shame. It isn’t too bad in a Suzanne Vega meets Beth Orton fashion.

Miss Dido does that smooth as silk soundscapey vocal thing very proficiently, and the tracks are reasonably catchy. It doesn’t hit the heights of either of the aforementioned artists, perhaps because the underlying instrumentation is too mundane and same-same from track to track. A few new or different rhythms would have made a difference.

Said album has sold >16m copies world-wide, so a lot of folks are presumably more excited about this than me. Of course, a considerable portion of those sales came from folks chasing that backing track from the Enimem song. It sounds so much better in the background than up front:

File under: Not likely to induce much rabid fan behaviour

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