Daily Archives: December 19, 2009

231. Ani DiFranco – “Puddle Dive”

I’ve had a very enjoyable past day repeatedly listening to this album from Ani.

This is Ms. DiFranco at her most endearing.  There is a more gentle tone to this collection of songs.  There is a welcome contrasts between the staccato guitar and warmer and smoother vocal approach.

This is thematically consistent album also, with a fair number of the tracks offering snippets from life on the road and/or the joys and tribulations of music (and the associated ‘industry’).

I continue to take almost embarrassing glee in the sheer simplicity (bordering on quaintness) of Ani’s encounter with 7-year-old Jason in 4th of July.

DiFranco’s caustic critiques of egotistical gigmates (Egos Like Hairdos) and record execs (Blood in the Boardroom) tread the right side of self-indulgent precipice.  The latter track has a revenge motif that never fails to delight the estrogen-endowed majority at her gigs.

The performance poet track here (My IQ) is her finest.

There is further aspect that makes this album such a fave for me.  Three tracks feature harmonica backing from the globe’s finest exponent thereof – Rory McLeod.  He adds more heat to an already warm, cosy album. 

File under: I recommend with walking (no puddles required)