232. Ani DiFranco – “Dilate”

I’m a bit of a sporadic purchaser of Ani DiFranco’s output. I have been particularly remiss in recent years, and also with respect to some of her back catalogue. Hence we leap three years and albums forward to this release.

This is one of the standout Ani efforts in my collection. Taken chronologically she leaps considerably from the sparse, warm Puddle Dive to this much more complex collection.

This is Angry Ani (or should that be Ahhngry Ani?) spitting vitriol about disempowering relationships. Untouchable Face is unrequited love at its most redemptive (language warning on vid… and a bad bleach job warning too):

The imagery and turns of phrase on several tracks here are about as good as it gets, f rom the constellations of pool balls in Untouchable Face to the phone booth effect in Superhero.

The music has got much more layered and multifaceted with guitar effects, overdubs and the like.

This should be a better album than Puddle Dive.  At its high points it is astounding, but ultimately I find some tracks a little too cold, and the weak points (such as the least necessary cover ever of Amazing Grace and Going Down) are stinkers.

File under: An eye-opener

One response to “232. Ani DiFranco – “Dilate”

  1. My favorite one by Ani 🙂

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