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233. John Denver & the Muppets – “A Christmas Together”

Given the season, I thought you’d like some insights into a Christmas CD in my collection.

My festive habits were altered irrevocably when I discovered this album in my beloved’s stash.

It chronicles a TV special Denver did with the Henson creations in 1979.

The Muppet Show was a big part of my childhood, and every voice on here thrills me. It is exactly what you’d expect. A mix of the traditional, but with sufficient chutzpah and irreverence to lighten the heart of the most strident Scrooge.

The songs are well-chosen, and most of the big name Muppets get some airtime. Sure, a few of them are (inevitably?) a little soppy, but loads of them just sound like drunken revellers hassling an earnest caroler. And that’s the Xmas spirit in my world.

Here’s the opening track and scenes from the episode (click through for parts 2-6):

Curiously the line-up on 12 days… varies between the clip and the album, with the “band members” getting less action on the latter. Inexplicably Beaker’s scene-stealing 9th day cameo is missing from the clip. It gets me every time (me me me me me).

As a substitute here’s his more recent clip playing Ode to Joy:

Play this album this Xmas. It rocks.

File under: To hear once a year